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5 Benefits You Should Know About Marble Countertops!

Marble Countertops Benefits

If you are planning on getting a new countertop for your kitchen or home, you will have a difficult time trying the different options. You will likely have a hard time choosing between these four: Marble, Quartz, Granite and laminates. While quartz and laminate are manufactured, granite and marble are cut from natural stone.

One countertop stands out: Marble. Marble is regarded as the Phantom of countertops. It is unmistakable elegant and it will without doubt give your house an extreme makeover. If you are thinking of installing a marble countertop, then you should know its pros and cons.
Formation of marble
Marble is a rock formed metamorphically. This means that it is first found in a sedimentary form such as limestone and dolomite. Then it is subjected to severe pressure and heat that cooks it up to become the beautiful stone it is. The change is brought about by the impurities found in the original limestone or dolomite rock. Under the severe heat and pressure, the materials crystallize. Since the stone contains carbonate, the purest form of the stone is pure white.

Easy to Find

Granite and quartz countertops don’t come easy. They are difficult to find and this may delay installation and increase the overhead costs. Marble on the other hand is quite easy to find. It is widely available and can be found readily in most stone yards and fabricators. This means that anytime you want marble, you will not have to wait days for it to be delivered. In fact, you can just walk into a yard and drive home with your marble slab, install it and enjoy a drink on it in the evening.

Marble Slabs as Countertops

Marble has been used as countertop for a long time now. Initially, it was first used to make stone carvings, but somehow finds its way to our kitchens and homes. According to popular home designers, marble can go well with both painted and unpainted counter tops and fittings. It has as many advantages as disadvantages when used as the countertop of choice in homes.

Benefits of Marble Counter Tops

1. Better design capabilities – if you need to have a worktop that will need more than usual fabrication, you might want to go with marble. If for instance your counter top design is not strictly rectangular, you may want to avoid the common stone slabs. Marble is softer to work with than other stones. For counter tops with fancy edges or extra fabrication perks, marble will give a better workability than most stones. You will love how easy it is to cut marble. Especially if you have cut granite before.

2. Aesthetically beautiful – this is perhaps the major selling point for marble. Marble is loved for its bright white colour that fits in barely any colour scheme. It will be next to impossible to find a stone that is as white and bright. Though we have white quartz, granite and soapstone, there’s none that is marble bright.

3. A notch higher in cool – well, how cool is kneading flour on a countertop without having to worry about it sticking on the worktop? If baking is your thing, you will love working with marble countertops! It stays cool naturally and is not a big heat conductor.

4. Handles the heat – marble handles the heat quite impressively. It can take all the heat in your kitchen just in case you need to drop a hot pan quickly. All the same, it is not recommended to place a pot that comes directly from the stove on it just like in quartz or granite.

5. Forever together – despite it being a soft stone, it lasts. Although it is a porous material, it will serve fine. But if you are looking for something dense, you may want to consider quartz as an alternative.

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