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5 Benefits of Grey Quartz Kitchen Worktop

grey quartz kitchen worktop

Looking for a guide to chose the right material and color for your kitchen countertop? No more extra searches and headaches! This is the perfect review for you, on one of the most recommended worktop material, quartz. The grey feature of it assorts extremely well with almost every bathroom and kitchen cabinet.

Quartz kitchen tops are widely used among house owners due to their unique properties and high resistance to extern factors.

Grey Quartz Kitchen Worktop – Easy Maintenance Composite

Due to the fact that is manufactured by humans, it has a strong composition and a polished surface, making it resistant to liquid spills and stains. Having this property, it is easily to clean and to maintain clean, as bacteria and other germs can’t penetrate into its texture and leave undesired stains.

  • Won’t harbor bacteria and germs;
  • Liquid spills proof;
  • Stands up to juice, wine, oil, coffee and tomato stains;
  • Non-porous material.

Solid Structure of Grey Quartz Countertops

Grey quartz worktops have a very solid texture thanks to the strong bound of the atoms inside it. It resists to temperatures of up to 160® C and is highly resistant to chipping and scratching, being extremely difficult to break or to crack. In the past, the biggest knock on having a quartz countertop was the lack of patterns and colors available to be acquired, compared to natural stone materials. This inconvenience was removed by adding extra colors in the process of manufacturing the worktops, thus being able to create and design almost every pattern desired.

The price of grey quartz countertops may vary from type to type, depending on the quality and complexity of the final product. Here are some milestones marked by the most important companies that transact this type of kitchen furniture:

  • White Arabesque: GBP75 – GBP80 / installed m2;
  • Creamstone    : GBP75 – GBP90 / installed m2;
  • Polar Cap    : GBP80 – GBP100 / installed m2;
  • Lusso    : GBP80 – GBP100 / installed m2;
  • Yukon Blanco    : GBP85 – GBP110 / installed m2;
  • Lagoon    : GBP100 – GBP120 / installed m2;
  • Vorium    : GBP150 – GBP200 / installed m2.

Matching Grey Quartz Worktops with Different Cabinets

One of the major producers of grey quartz tops is Silestone Gris Expo. Their main focus is set on the speckles texture and as a trademark they use mostly 3040 x 1380 mm pieces of quartz. Almost all of their products are being used for decorating the interior of the house because of the engineered quartz they use, being able to create every color and design the customer could imagine.

Entering into more technical details, the official website of the company provides the composition of their quartz material (85-95% quartz and minerals, 5-15% pigments and additives), the bending strength (29 – 70 MPav), the compression strength (112 – 248 MPa) and also the absorption ratio (0.04 – 0.20%).

For a modern and upscale look that requires low maintenance it is definitely worth considering quartz countertops. The few drawbacks that can appear on using this kind of worktops are very small compared with the advantages of having a stain free, heat resistant and strong bounded kitchen worktop. If you’re willing to create a contemporary aspect for your house, grey quartz countertops for kitchen and bathroom is for sure the solution.