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5 Benefits of Black Quartz Floor Tiles

Black Quartz Floor Tiles

Black is always in fashion, whether we’re talking about clothing, shoes, or home décor; monochrome is a style we will rock for the rest of eternity! Black is also a colour which basically goes with everything else too.

Of course, when you come to renovate and redecorate your home, you’ll need to not only think about the wallpaper and paint, but also the hardware too. We’re talking about cabinets, worktops, and of course, flooring.

Flooring has also been a subject that causes problems, because not only does your floor have to be hard-wearing and safe, but it needs to look good too. Let’s tie the colour black into this – what are the benefits of going down the line of black quartz floor tiles?

Black quartz floor tiles look stylish

There is nothing more stylish and attractive than a black stone floor, no matter what finish you go for. Of course, you could jazz it up and go for a sparkle fleck in the stone, and that would certainly catch the attention, as well as the light! On top of this, black practically goes with every other colour, and is also great at hiding tiny bits of dirt that you simply don’t have the time to clean right at that moment!

Black quartz floor tiles are non-porous

Quartz is the only one of the natural stones which is non-porous, and that means it doesn’t absorb liquid and isn’t going to harbour any nasty germs and bacteria. This is a great plus point in the direction of hygiene. Obviously you will need to make sure that you dry your floor carefully if you get it weight, to avoid slippery spots, but the non-porosity definitely makes your floor tiles last longer.

Black quartz floor tiles are available in a variety of different shades, patterns, and finishes

You will be able to find a huge range of different shades of black – black is never just plain black! On top of this there are many patterns on offer, including that aforementioned glitter fleck which is so popular, and also many different finishes, such as polished and matte. You need to really check out the colour and finish carefully in person, because online catalogues don’t show you how they differ in natural and artificial lights.

Black quartz floor tiles are strong and hard-wearing

Quartz is a natural stone which is mined from the earth. This means that you are getting a very strong floor tile, which is going to stand up to many different tests. You are also getting cost effectiveness here, because quartz is known to be hugely hard-wearing, especially when compared to laminate and wood floors.

Black quartz floor tiles require zero maintenance

Our final reason to go with black quartz floor tiles is probably the biggest one of them all – quartz doesn’t require any maintenance other than the normal cleaning you would do anyway. Marble and granite require treating annually, and laminate and wood also require maintenance to differing degrees. After the initial installation, quartz requires nothing else, other than normal cleaning with warm, soapy water and a soft cloth.

The bottom line here is that black quartz floor tiles look fantastic, and no matter what shade or finish you go for, the appearance will be stylish, attractive, and certainly very long-lasting indeed.