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5 Beautiful Marble Stone Colours for Vanity Units

Marble Stone

A vanity unit can really make a bathroom stand out – having a sink unit with cupboards or drawers underneath it, usually with the mirror over the top, gives a central piece for the eye to fall on, and for that reason, you need to pick the material you build it out of very carefully indeed.

Marble is a very popular and beautiful choice to go for, and one which screams opulence and quality. If you choose marble, you are joining the elite, because even as far back as the Ancient Greeks, marble was chosen in places of importance, such as communal and private bathing areas. Make your bathroom as sophisticated as that famous space!

Once you have settled on marble, you need to then turn your attention to what colour you’re going to go for. No one slab of marble is the same as any other, because each slab has individual veins running through it – your marble vanity unit will not be the same as your neighbour’s!

So, what colours could you go for? There are countless, in fact there are far too many to mention, and each standard colour has an umbrella of different shades underneath it. To keep it simple, and to help make your choice easier, here are five of the most beautiful marble colours to go for.

  • White – White marble is the most popular and classic style to go for, and if you choose white then you are looking at a truly timeless appearance. White marble is never particularly standard, because of the veining which runs through it, so you will have a pattern to whichever shade you go for. There is a bright white for those who want to sparkle, or there is a slightly duller, off-white choice if you prefer.
  • Cream – If you are a little scared of white, as some people are, how about opting for cream instead? Cream marble looks delicious, and when you pair it with a grey, brown, or even black, colour scheme, you have a truly beautiful combination. Again, cream is never just cream, as there are many variations on the theme.
  • Black – Black marble is a great choice for those who are a little worried about the amount of cleaning maintenance that a lighter colour brings to the table. Black marble is solid, it is available in several different shades, and you can go for a lighter colour if you don’t want to darken your room too much.
  • Coffee colours – In this category we are talking about the browns, including the lattes, cappuccinos, and espressos of this world. These colours, when you factor in the marble veining, look fantastic, especially when you pair them with cream or white. There are many different shades of each, with each category also.
  • Green – Finally we have an aquatic shade to go for, which is ideal for bathroom vanity units. Green marble really does have a very opulent appearance to it, again, because of the natural veining and speckles which appear on the stone. Pair a light green with cream or white, and you will have a very calming bathroom space to enjoy.

When shopping around for the ideal marble colour for your new bathroom vanity unit, remember to check out colours in natural light and artificial life, so head to a showroom; this will give you the best information to work with.