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5 Advantages of Marble Effect Quartz Worktops

5 Advantages of Marble Effect Quartz WorktopsSo, you are trying to decide between Marble or Marble effect Quartz. While Marble offers a beauty that is simply timeless, it can come with a few disadvantages. To name just one, the pricetag of Marble is enough to put customers off from purchasing it. You can now achieve the look of Marble with Quartz and here is a quick overview at the type of benefits you could get by choosing Marble effect Quartz for your kitchen worktop.

#1 Marble on a Budget

One of the clear advantages of choosing Quartz over Marble is that it can achieve a very similar appearance and cost a fraction of the price.

#2 Choose the Pattern

As Marble is a natural stone you cannot choose the pattern you achieve, you quite simply get what you get with Marble. However, when it comes to Quartz you can choose what you would like the veining to look like. Do you want large or smaller veining? What colour would you like the veining and main colour to be? The choice is completely yours.

#3 Difference in Maintenance

Natural stone like Marble requires a lot of maintenance over its lifetime. To achieve a non-porous quality, you need to have regular treatments of sealing otherwise you put it at risk of damage. However, with Quartz you can achieve the appearance of Marble without the long term cost and bother to treat it. You will reap the benefits of having a non-porous material without ever having to maintain it.

#4 Always Hygienic

As we mentioned above, Quartz will always keep its non-porous qualities without any treatment, this means that it will remain a hygienic stone forever. As no spillages can get past the surface of the stone, nothing can harbour underneath and this includes bacteria. Everything will simply stay on the surface ready to be cleaned off with ease. Hygiene within the kitchen is a big concern but with Quartz you never have to worry.

#5 Hard Wearing

As Quartz has been entirely man made, it has been designed to be incredibly durable and to last a lifetime. Quartz will last for many years to come as long as you take proper care of it and it can withstand a lot of usage and traffic, perfect for kitchen areas!