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5 Advantages of Classic Quartz Kitchen Worktops

Advantages of Classic Quartz Kitchen Worktops

So, you have your mind set of refurbishing your home and making a few changes, and having a brand new kitchen worktop installed is on your list. Classic Quartz Stone is one of the best materials to use for kitchen worktops and it has a lengthy list of advantages to help you decide whether or not it is right for you, your style and your home and way of living.
Below we have provided you with all of the information you need to make an informed choice as to whether you would love to have a Quartz kitchen worktop for your home.

Low Maintenance

A lot of other types of natural stone (such as Marble) require a lot of work and upkeep to keep it looking as good as it does the day you have it fitted. Classic Quartz is ideal because it will never require any sealing or treatments to be done, which will save you from the hassle and help your wallet along the way as well. Classic Quartz Stone is so much easier to maintain and easy than a lot of other materials as it has been man made to be exactly that.
Classic Quartz is also a non-porous material which means that it is also much easier to keep clean with your daily and regular cleaning routine. When you are cleaning your Classic Quartz kitchen worktop, you are able to get a much better and deeper clean if you make your own cleaning products out of cheap ingredients. Classic Quartz can be sensitive to some chemicals so this is not only wise but can be much cheaper too! But as long as you are careful then you will never have a problem and your new flooring will always be in excellent condition.

Wave Goodbye to Stains

As we have just mentioned above, Classic Quartz will never require any additional treatments after you have purchased it. This includes regular sealing. One of the reasons why it will never require this is because it is a non-porous material. With it being non-porous, Classic Quartz will never hold onto any liquids that have been accidentally spilled on the surface, allowing it to be cleaned up far easier. As Classic Quartz does not hold onto any liquids that have been spilled it will never stain, as it just does not go deep enough into the grain. So you never have to worry about any stains ruining the look of your lovely new worktops for years to come.

Budget Friendly Material

For those who are on a much lower budget, Classic Quartz is the ideal material for you and your pockets. Your home renovations will be much cheaper with Classic Quartz as it is not only cheaper in the long term but it is also cheaper for the initial purchase too. There are no hidden costs or long term costs at all when it comes to Classic Quartz and what you see (or pay) is all of it. What you pay is a one off fee for the purchase and installation.
Even if Classic Quartz Stone was a bit more expensive, it would still be worth the investment due to having no long term costs or worries to think of in the future. By purchasing Classic Quartz Stone you are able to rest your mind knowing that you are getting a quality material for a low cost.

Have a Uniformed Appearance

Classic Quartz has a brilliantly uniformed look to its style which is perfect for those who do not like the slabs being different from each other. Every slab will be the same unlike other types of materials such as Marble. With Marble, for example, you can never be sure or anticipate the look you will be getting as it has not been man made. How the stone has naturally been made is the look you will get overall. Classic Quartz has been engineered to have a completely consistent look in both colour and pattern, so you will always know and can rely on what you will be getting.
Occasionally, customers can be very put off by a stone that is unpredictable and that does not have a uniformed look because they like their worktops in the kitchen to have a continuous flow. So, if you like to be able to predict the overall pattern of your kitchen worktop then Classic Quartz is the material for you as it offers just that.


Lastly, when it comes to purchasing a brand new kitchen worktop one of your priorities should be whether or not it can withstand the high traffic that a kitchen has to deal with. If it is not hard wearing or durable, then you just do not want it – unless you want to be full of dread every time someone uses it to prepare hot food.
Classic Quartz is incredibly hard wearing and it should last you a life time as long as you take proper care and maintain it correctly. Additionally, Classic Quartz is also hard to scratch which makes it perfect for people with families, especially very young children, who are likely to be chucking hard plastic toys around or being clumsy.
With Classic Quartz Stone you will never have to worry about anyone making a mark that cannot be cleaned away, so you know that you are making a good investment when you decide to select it for your kitchen worktop.