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5 Advantages of Black Granite Worktops

Black Granite Worktops

If you choose black granite for your new kitchen worktop them you surely have a very hard-wearing and durable decision on your hands. Not only are you getting a cost effective worktop, then you are also getting a myriad of other benefits too, which only granite can give you.

Black granite is one of the most classic choices out there, because not only does it look infinitely natural, but it is also a shade which doesn’t require the same level of cleaning as lighter colours do.

Here are five major advantages to choosing a black granite worktop for either your kitchen, or your bathroom.

  • Granite overall is very hard-wearing – Granite stone is a hard, natural stone and that means that it is certainly going to last the test of time. Very hard to chip and stain, provided you clean and look after your granite work surface as instructed, you won’t have to replace it. You will also be given a good warranty with your granite slab, and that means total peace of mind.
  • Granite doesn’t take much maintenance – You will need to seal your granite stone worktop on an annual basis, but other than that, granite doesn’t need to be pandered to, which means peace of mind again. Of course, you should be careful what the heat you put on the work surface, but that goes with every type of stone out there.
  • Black granite doesn’t need the same constant cleaning as lighter shades – When you compare black to white, which one do you think is going to need the most attention in terms of cleaning? Of course, white! That’s not to say you should be unhygienic and not clean your worktop, but black will certainly not show up any potential marks (if they happen), or the tiniest splash, as white would.
  • Lots of different shades of black available – We’re not just talking about straight jet black here, because there are countless different shades of black available, as well as adding in patterns, such as glitter flecks. Shop around for the best shade for you and be sure to actually see it in person, rather than just on the internet, by asking for a sample or heading to a showroom; colours can look very different in certain lights.
  • Low price – Granite overall is a very cost effective choice, because of how hard wearing it is. Black granite will look fantastic in your kitchen or bathroom and will also last you the many years, which means you don’t have to replace it very quickly at all – money saved instantly.

As you can see, granite overall is a fantastic choice to go for, but black granite as a colour choice really ups the benefit stakes. Shop around for the best deal for your cash, and check out warranties and colour options before making your final decision.

Black granite worktops are certainly a very fashionable choice, and will probably never go out of fashion at all. Monochrome is one of the most iconic décor styles you can go for, and could even go retro and pair your black granite worktop with red cabinets, if you want to go for something totally different again.

Check out your options at Surfaceco, but generally speaking, black granite is certainly a very positive choice and addition to your kitchen space.