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3 Things You Might Not Know About Marble Kitchen Countertops

Marble Kitchen Countertops

When it comes to creating an environment full of beauty and uniqueness marble countertops are the perfect solution to be chosen. Being a natural rock, its designs and patterns are very unpredictable, inspiring a special feeling each time someone looks at them. In this material I will present you some of the facts that are less known about marble worktops, facts that should be taken seriously into consideration when purchasing the main decorative object of your house.

Marble Kitchen Countertops – Astonishing Beauty and Unique Style

The main aspect considered when buying a countertop is the color. Marble is a metamorphic material, natural grown, thing that somehow narrows the color palette available to be required. Varieties of settings can be achieved starting from the following base colors:

  1. Pink;
  2. Grey;
  3. Blue;
  4. Purple;

Aside of the sparking colors which will easily gain your heart, marble countertops are a great fit for almost every cabinet motif. Blending in various formats, these state-of-art products are a common choice when it comes to decorating the kitchen or bathroom, especially combined with natural wood finishes.

Thermal Property and Easy Cleaning

Expected or not, marble has a much searched property: heat resistance. Hot pots and pans placed on the surface of the countertop aren’t a problem since the strong texture of the material won’t break. Hot hair straightener isn’t a problem to be placed directly on the material due to the less melt and warp ability.

Unfortunately, in order to gain stain and corrosion resistance, marble worktops have to be sealed on a regular basis. Not using the not so expensive coating can cause the surface to absorb liquids, like oil, wine or juice, very easy.

Next, I will present you 2 easy steps of cleaning a marble top:

  1. Fill a clean spray bottle with a cleaner that is water-based or a cleaner that has its pH neutral (special designed for cleaning marble);
  2. Spray the cleaning solution on the counter and using a soft damp cloth(microfiber or chamois, NOT ABRAZIVE), wipe down the entire surface of the countertop.

Types of Finishes Used on Marble Kitchen Countertops

Available on the market are two main types of finishes: honed and polished, each one bringing up its own characteristics. Depending on your preferences, choosing a honed surface allows you to pay less attention to cleaning the countertop, since the scratches are less visible and stains are more susceptible as the pores are open, since a polished finish acquires you a shiny surface, very open to scratches and cuts, but stains resistant.

Regarding the type of surface used, it is well known that marble countertops are the most affordable decorations to be used in your kitchen. But not all marble is affordable! The Carrara model is one of the cheapest stone to be used in producing a countertop, because of its graying coloring and its porous nature. As expected, on the other side of the river stands the Calcatta marble, one of the luxury items to be placed into your house, having a brighter white color empowered with dark veins.

Even if it is not recommended to use marble kitchen countertops, their value and high quality is well recognized all over the world, and the success of decorating your house is guaranteed.