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10 Tips for Taking Care of Marble Worktops

Tips for Taking Care of Marble Worktops

Marble has lots of benefits and is an excellent choice for your home. It is a natural stone that looks stunningly beautiful. But like many other fitting around your home, marble can be damaged overtime after much wear and tear. How do you clean your Marble Worktops, fireplaces and vanities? To keep marble looking bright and shiny, here are simple tips for taking care of your marble that should be on your finger tips:

1. Clean marble stains as soon as possible.

Acidic spills are harmful for your marble. Stains such as wine, fruit juice, tomatoes and some soft drinks are harmful to your marble. After a spill, make sure to immediately bloat the acids. Wiping and rubbing the acid makes it worse. You can use a commercial marble stain remover if the stain persists.

2. Protect your marble to save yourself a lot of trouble.

Although marble handles heat decently, you will want to avoid placing hot objects on the marble. Use coasters in case you need to have anything hot on the marble. Another thing you will want to do is to use ceramic or stone containers rather than metallic containers to avoid rust stains.

3. Add a marble sealer and your marble may live longer.

Most natural stones don’t require a sealer. This is so especially because it was sealer during manufacturing or when it was installed. But since marble is very porous, and the sealer may lose its effect over time, it is advisable to use a sealer to protect the marble from staining and damage. A sealer isn’t bullet proof but it at least protects it from moisture a lot longer time than a surface that is not sealed. Some sealers need to be re-applied every year or two, others every fifteen to twenty years.

4. For everyday cleaning, keep it simple.

For daily cleaning, less is definitely more. Simply use a small cloth, microfiber, with warm, distilled water to clean marble countertops. This is mostly after contact with food and other day to day dirt. Always dry up your marble with a dry cloth since marble is prone to water spots. Remember to avoid vinegar and other acidic cleaners when cleaning marble.

5. Prepare the marble for polishing

Prepare the surface by removing all the dirt on it. Make sure you wipe all the grime, grease, waxes and stains with a commercial stone cleaner. This is very important to avoid forcing them deeper into the surface when polishing marble.

6. Make your marble shine.

The safest way to make your marble shine is to polish it with chamois on a damp surface. The chamois will polish as it dries up. In case you want it to let it shine more, you can use a commercial polish and dry with chamois.

7. Avoid marble etching

Marble is prone to marking because it has calcium carbonate makeup, which reacts with any acids. The acid eats away a tiny bit of the surface resulting in dull spots known as etches. Any splash of acid is going to leave a subtle mark.

8. Use only products that are designed to clean marble

Marble is very sensitive. Acidic compounds will harm the marble. There are numerous products that are used to clean marble. There are many marble cleaning products on the market… some are good, but many aren’t worth using even if they were free.

9. Wax is a double edged sword

Wax is often used on marble since it protects and polishes the marble. However, the wax will lead to discoloration, especially if the marble is white. To bring your marble to a shine, use commercial products.

10. You have to deal with the scratch menace

You will have to avoid getting your marble scratched at all costs. If you, can’t you will have to deal with them. If the scratch is slight, you can try fixing it yourself by using a coarse-grit sandpaper. If the scratch is deep, consult a professional, like Surfaceco UK team.

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