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10 Beautiful Lunastone Quartz Colours

Lunastone Quartz Colours

Choosing a quartz stone worktop is never as simple as deciding you are going to have a new worktop and simply buying it, because you have to think about the colour, the pattern, the shape, the size, and where you’re going to get it from. There are many brand names of quartz on the market, and choosing the right one for you is a definite must do.

Lunastone is a big named brand, and one which is leading the pack. If you need a few pointers to why you should pick Lunastone for your new quartz, here’s some reasons:

  • Lunastone are a big named brand with a factory in Hertfordshire, with a huge output
  • Lunastone’s quartz worktops are extremely strong and durable
  • There is a 10 year warranty on all quartz worktops
  • Quartz is naturally mined from different locations across the world, including India and South Korea

Of course, we know that quartz overall has some fantastic benefits and this is a material which you should certainly have at the top of your list when putting together your final decision. Quartz is very hard-wearing, non-porous, doesn’t harbour bacteria and germs, is available in a huge variety of different colours and patterns, is stain and chip resistant, resistant to heat, and is also very low maintenance after the initial installation.

We mentioned colours, and that is another massive choice you have to make. Lunastone have a very large choice of quartz colours on offer, and all give you a totally different look to your kitchen space, when paired with your existing or upcoming room décor.

Here are ten colours which are certainly luxurious and beautiful, for you to consider.

  1. Artico – A wonderful off-white shade which has flecks of cream running through it
  1. Bianco Luminoso – A cream shade with grey and white small flecks
  1. Bianco Metallo – A light grey shade with silver and darker grey flecks
  1. Blu Luminoso – Rich midnight blue with silver flecks scattered across it
  1. Cappuccino – The classic luxurious coffee colour with slight flecks of a slightly darker shade
  1. Grigio Matallo – Mid-grey with white flecks throughout
  1. Nero Matallo – Black with larger flecks of white and grey
  1. Rossi Luminoso – Red with very slight grey flecks which seem almost elevated
  1. Tempesta – Another mid-grey shade, with darker grey flecks
  1. Sabbia – A beautiful beige and cream mixture

When choosing your ideal quartz worktop shade, you need to make sure that you make the correct decision according to not only the current décor you have in your kitchen, but also any potential ideas you have for the future. Sticking to a natural shade, like any of the above we have mentioned, will give you scope for change in the future, without having to replace your kitchen worktop because it simply doesn’t go with anything anymore.

The only shade on our list we have mentioned which is possibly not as natural as the others is Rossi Luminoso, but even this particular quartz shade can easily be paired with cream, black, grey, or brown, to create a very modern looking space for your kitchen décor.

Whichever shade you go for, Lunastone is certainly a quality option to go for when shopping on SurfaceCo for your quartz worktop, and with a quality guarantee, you also have peace of mind.