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What Granite Colors Suits for Cream Kitchens

cream kitchens

Ever wondered why your freshly renewed cream cabinet doesn’t inspire you comfort and relaxation? Maybe you haven’t matched the countertop color with the gorgeous kitchen outfit! If so, you should definitely read this article to get on air with the latest designs and tends in terms of cabinet-countertop decorations.

Cream Kitchen Types of Granite

From marbles that are not so expensive to light granite, there is a wide are to be covered when talking about cream cabinets. Even though the maintenance time to be invested, in cleaning and keeping your kitchen clean is high, it is totally worth combining the following granite colors:

  • Bianco Romano
  • Colonial Dream
  • Colonial Gold
  • Kashmir White
  • Santa Ceicila
  • Mascarello

Each of the above mentioned types of granite has a unique style and color, but all of them fit perfectly into a cream colored environment.

Modern Countertops Designs For Cream Kitchens

The white based designed can be acquired by using Bianco Romano granite or the Kashmir White. Both these patterns have many quality such as resistance to liquid stains or spills, a high resistance to scratches and a strong atoms bound, which makes them very hard to be broken.

If you want to choose a more flashy color, you should go for Mascarello or Colonial Gold, because these yellow patterned countertops provide an ‘easy to maintain clean’ feature but they are a little bit more expensive. The price per square foot can easily get up to $200, but I assure you that the money spent are totally worth because they create a very beautiful view over the kitchen.

Tropical Feature for Granite Colors

Searching for more exotic styles, you may find some brown colored designs to follow, like Baltic Brown, Deer Brown, Tropic Brown or Antico Brown. Depending on type, some of them are soft quartz that will easy scratch and etch, but they have a unique fantasy look, meanwhile, some of them are resined granite (the resin on the stone can be discolored when hot pots and pans are applied) that is more likely to last longer, but it’s hard and plaid design reduces the beauty of it.

The main features are:

  • Price:$10-$300/ square meter
  • Type: Granite
  • Granite density: 2.7 kg/m3
  • Stone form: cut-to-size
  • Place of origin: Guangdong, China

Oldies But Goldies!

Even if it was first used back in the ‘90s, gold designed granite countertops for cream kitchens are still in vogue to this very day. Originally from India, this durable granite features brown and grey flecks and veining combined with a creamy grey background and it is recommended to be used for indoor and outdoor projects, especially for its unique property of being highly resistive to freezing temperatures. The domains of applicability are wide open for this gorgeous granite type, among which:


  • Countertops : Yes
  • Flooring : Yes
  • Wall/Backsplash : Yes


  • Countertops :Yes
  • Flooring :Yes
  • Wall/Backsplash :Yes
  • Freezing Climate :Yes
  • Exterior Usage :Yes

For sure reading this article was a pleasure for all house design lovers and I hope that your style and tastes have improved. Now you know that a white, brown, yellow and gold color fit perfectly to every cream kitchen cabinet and creates harmony among the other elements combined in the house.