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5 Benefits of White Granite Countertops


Granite is one of the most popular choices for countertops for many years. It has become the standard when designing a home or for a remodel. However, most people have been choosing a darker colour such as black or brown. Now, white granite is becoming more popular and this article will discuss the benefits of having white granite countertops.

Relieves ‘stuffy’ feeling with too many dark tones – If you already have chosen a darker shade for the rest of your kitchen, particularly the cupboards, you might want to choose white granite for your countertop.

Having too much ‘dark’ in your kitchen can cause it to feel closed or stuffy, especially if there is not enough natural or overhead light. A nice, light granite countertop can significantly relieve that stuffy feeling!

Modern kitchen design as opposed to contemporary dark – Many of the new home designs are incorporating white granite countertops because of their modern look. Most older or ‘contemporary’ styles use a darker style, with black countertops and darker wood cupboards. These days, home designers and decorators are opting for a lighter tone for their homes. White granite countertops are the new modern design!

Lighter colours hide marks better – If you plan on having a lot of people in your kitchen, or a lot of interaction in your kitchen, or simply plan to cook all the time, you should choose a white granite countertop.

It is obvious that when using your kitchen a lot there will be pots and pans and other heavy kitchen utensils banging around on the countertop. This will eventually lead to some marks, scuffs, scratches or possibly cuts on the countertop. A black surface will not hide scratch marks as well as a white surface. A white granite countertop will not show scratches and wear and tear as much as a darker surface.

More spacious and invitingWhite granite countertops can make any kitchen seem brighter and more lively. If you have a smaller kitchen, a white granite countertop can really make all the difference. It will make the kitchen seem brighter, more spacious, and inviting. The kitchen is one of the most social rooms in the house. People always want to help in the kitchen, see what is for dinner, and just casually chat. Having a beautiful white granite countertop will make people want to be in your kitchen all the time!

Variety – Another great benefit of white granite countertops is that there are many shades of white granite to choose from. Instead of having to pick from one or two colour varieties, you can choose a colour that perfectly suits your style, taste, needs, wants, and the atmosphere you desire.

Some of the different shades and tones of white granite include:

  • Ambrosia;
  • Amerelo Ornamental;
  • Bianco Catalina;
  • Colonial Cream;
  • Delicatus White;
  • Ice Pearl;
  • Princess White;
  • Samba White;
  • Taupe White;
  • White Moon Quartzite;
  • And Many More!

These are some of the benefits of a white granite countertop in your home. Not only is it very popular, but it is economical and durable. A white granite countertop would be an excellent addition to any home!