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What Are the Advantages of Quartz Tiles in the Bathroom?

What Are the Advantages of Quartz Tiles in the BathroomQuartz tiles have a long list of advantages as to why it is the perfect material for your home renovations. Quartz is great for most high traffic areas around the home and this includes the bathroom. This overview will hopefully provide you with all the necessary information you need in order to decide whether Quartz tiles is the right material for you.

Why Choose Quartz?

As we have mentioned above, Quartz has an exceptional list of benefits which far outweigh any negatives that there may be. Quartz is one of the lowest maintenance materials you can find and that is because it has been man made to be a non-porous stone. Unlike most natural stones like Marble, it will never require any sealing or regular treatments, which makes it far easier to maintain and keep in superb condition.

With Quartz being a non-porous material, this means that it will be much easier to keep clean during your daily cleaning routine. Additionally, it has stain resistant properties which results in any spillages simply remaining on top of the stone without soaking in to leave a mark. Once something has been spilt all you need to do is simply wipe off with a clean cloth as soon as possible.

Quartz tiles are also incredibly budget friendly. Not only is it a great stone for being cheap for the initial purchase but you will also save in the long term on those pesky regular treatments that a lot of materials need.

Lastly, Quartz is very durable and hard wearing which makes it brilliant for any high traffic areas. The material you choose for your bathroom will end up taking a lot of use and therefore you need to be sure that you are choosing a stone that will withstand it all. After all, you use your bathroom just as much as you do the living room and kitchen.

If you properly take care of your Quartz tiles, then they should last you for many years to come.

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The Best Countertops for Kitchens

The Best Countertops for KitchensSo, you have decided that your home is in need of a little renewing, for whatever your reason for this it is a huge decision to pick out what material to go for. There is a huge list of stones you can choose from which includes Quartz, Marble and Granite – these are the three most popular materials you could use for your home renovations.

All stones and materials that there are to choose from offer their own list of advantages and key selling points. However, it is not just the stone you pick that is to be considered, you also need to think about the colour, pattern and finish that you would like too.

Hopefully this guide to choosing the best kitchen countertop will help you.

Choosing the Material

As I mentioned above, three of some of the most popular stones are Quartz, Marble and Granite. Marble offers a very distinctive appearance which is one of its key selling points for customers. Every slab of Marble that you will ever purchase will be completely different to the next which adds character to your home. However, if you are not a fan of uniqueness and would much prefer a uniformed look, then this is not the material for you.

Marble offers a natural touch to your kitchen and is perfect for those who spend a lot of time in the kitchen baking, as it has natural warmth which is brilliant for kneading dough.

Quartz is quite different to Marble and is not a material that you can really compare, although you can purchase Quartz to mimic the look of Marble if you are not looking to pay the pricetag that comes with Marble. Quartz is not a natural stone and instead has been entirely man made, but his offers a fantastic list of benefits such as removing the need of regular treatments like sealing, which further makes it perfect for people on a budget.

Furthermore, Quartz will never stain as it is a non-porous material, which means any spillages will simply remain on top of the surface ready for being wiped off with a clean cloth.

Lastly, Granite is another very popular choice for kitchen countertops and for great reason. Granite offers a timeless beauty and it is one of the hardest stones on Earth which means that it will be perfect for those high traffic areas and surfaces that take a lot of usage. Keeping it clean and hygienic for food preparation is brilliant as it maintains very well.

Granite can also up the value of your home if you ever wish to sell it on.

Choosing the Colour, Pattern and Finish

Once you have selected from the huge list of potential materials, you will then need to think about which colour, pattern and finish you would like. White is one of the most trendy colours to go for as it offers a classic beauty, however this is not for everyone. Popular patterns tend to be ones that mimic natural stone like Marble, so it is worth thinking about whether you want it to look like a natural stone or you prefer a different appearance.

You then lastly need to decide on whether you would like a matte or gloss finish. Both can be as equally beautiful and it is all down to the overall look you are wanting to achieve. Gloss is great for bouncing light around the room and giving the illusion that your room is bigger than it is, so that could be something to consider during the process. Gloss also gives the look of being clean as it mimics the appearance of a mirror.

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Pros and Cons of Granite Flooring

Pros and Cons of Granite FlooringGranite is one of the most popular choices for home renovations. With it being incredibly popular with kitchen worktops, people have started using it for their flooring too as it offers many benefits. Granite is such a durable stone that offers great strength, which makes it perfect for a flooring choice if you have a family home where little ones are constantly running about and throwing toys around. Most family homes need a flooring that will last the test of time with minimal damage.

But if Granite really as great as people are making it out to be? It may offer an elegant appearance that can completely transform the home but in this overview will we discuss both the pros and cons to Granite flooring to give a balanced view. Hopefully we will find out whether Granite is really for you and your home.

Pros of Granite Flooring

Granite is one of the most versatile stones out there, so you do not need to limit yourself to having Granite in just the one place in your home. If you wish, you could have Granite incorporated into every single room in your home.

Granite is known for being an affordable way to achieve a truly stunning appearance and it is one of the best choices for those who are on a budget. Not only is Granite stylish but it tends to be cheaper per square foot than a lot of other stones out there, so if you are on a budget then Granite is definitely a stone to consider.

We have mentioned that Granite is perfect for family homes a few times and that is because it is true, which shows how great of a stone it is. Granite is very durable and can withstand wear and tear that will occur in high traffic areas in particular. You do not have to worry about placing it within the heart of your home where you spend most of your time, as it is not easily damaged at all.

When choosing the material for your flooring strength is very important. On top of its strength it is also scratch resistant which is great as there is minimal risk for scratching when moving light furniture around and so on.

Lastly, Granite is a non porous material which means that it will not stain as it does not hold onto any liquids that have been spilt. This makes it much easier to clean as no liquid will ever soak past the surface.

Cons of Granite Flooring

As you can see, Granite has a long list of advantages which is not overshadowed by its downfalls, as there really are not many at all.

Granite is such a heavy stone that when it comes to installing it, there needs to be great care taken. You also need to ensure that you have enough people working during the installation to make sure that there is no risk of damage, as it certainly is not a one person job.

There is one clear con to choosing Granite for your material and that is the range of colours and patterns that are available. There is a lack of colours and patterns on offer with Granite which can put some customers off, as it can mean that it will affect the overall appearance that you are wanting to achieve. However, you need to weigh up whether its list of advantages are enough to sway your decision.


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Pros and Cons for White Gloss Worktops

Pros and Cons for White Gloss WorktopsMany people are nervous or even scared when it comes to having white worktops in their kitchen but it still remains to be one of the most on trend colours you could go for. This overview will cover both the pros and cons of installing a white gloss worktop within your kitchen to give you a balanced view to help you choose what is best for your home.

Pros of White Gloss

White gloss worktops look incredibly fresh and clean and will never stop looking this way, that is if you put the work into keeping it clean. White is well-known for being one of the most hygienic looking colours because it has the power of looking completely brand new.

White also has the ability to reflect the light around your room to make your kitchen look bigger than it actually is. Not only will the beauty of white gloss attract you, but being able to create the illusion of your kitchen being much larger will also be attractive.

The beautiful appearance of the timeless white gloss is truly stunning and offers so much flexibility in terms of being able to be matched against most other colours and shades out there. So regardless of your current theme within the kitchen, you can be sure that your white gloss worktop will match perfectly well.

Cons of White Gloss

As we mentioned above, white gloss is such a breath takingly clean looking colour to have within your kitchen, however it will only look this way if you put the effort and time into cleaning it to maintain its fresh look.

In addition, white gloss can also make your room look far too big. But if you are set on having a white gloss worktop then try pairing it with patterns and different shades to break it up. The additional colours and textures will help to stop the white from making your kitchen look far too big.

As you can see from above there are far more pros than there are cons to having a white gloss worktop. Hopefully this has helped you to decide whether white gloss is the colour and finish for you.

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5 Advantages of Marble Effect Quartz Worktops

5 Advantages of Marble Effect Quartz WorktopsSo, you are trying to decide between Marble or Marble effect Quartz. While Marble offers a beauty that is simply timeless, it can come with a few disadvantages. To name just one, the pricetag of Marble is enough to put customers off from purchasing it. You can now achieve the look of Marble with Quartz and here is a quick overview at the type of benefits you could get by choosing Marble effect Quartz for your kitchen worktop.

#1 Marble on a Budget

One of the clear advantages of choosing Quartz over Marble is that it can achieve a very similar appearance and cost a fraction of the price.

#2 Choose the Pattern

As Marble is a natural stone you cannot choose the pattern you achieve, you quite simply get what you get with Marble. However, when it comes to Quartz you can choose what you would like the veining to look like. Do you want large or smaller veining? What colour would you like the veining and main colour to be? The choice is completely yours.

#3 Difference in Maintenance

Natural stone like Marble requires a lot of maintenance over its lifetime. To achieve a non-porous quality, you need to have regular treatments of sealing otherwise you put it at risk of damage. However, with Quartz you can achieve the appearance of Marble without the long term cost and bother to treat it. You will reap the benefits of having a non-porous material without ever having to maintain it.

#4 Always Hygienic

As we mentioned above, Quartz will always keep its non-porous qualities without any treatment, this means that it will remain a hygienic stone forever. As no spillages can get past the surface of the stone, nothing can harbour underneath and this includes bacteria. Everything will simply stay on the surface ready to be cleaned off with ease. Hygiene within the kitchen is a big concern but with Quartz you never have to worry.

#5 Hard Wearing

As Quartz has been entirely man made, it has been designed to be incredibly durable and to last a lifetime. Quartz will last for many years to come as long as you take proper care of it and it can withstand a lot of usage and traffic, perfect for kitchen areas!

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5 Benefits of Natural Stone Kitchen Worktops

Benefits of Natural Stone Kitchen Worktops

When it comes to picking out which material you would like for your kitchen worktop, it can be a difficult choice to make. Whichever material you end up choosing, you need to make sure that it can withstand everything that a kitchen demands. Kitchens are high traffic areas and therefore will naturally have to withstand a lot of usage. More people are choosing to go for natural stone kitchen worktops and it is so easy to see why.
If you are considering having a natural stone installed for your kitchen worktop, then here are 5 benefits that it has to offer.

100% Unique

Natural stone has not been touched by a factory or been altered in any way, so the look you get is always going to be completely unique. Natural stone offers a brilliantly unique look which is perfect if you are looking for something different to everyone else and for a pattern that is not predictable. No two pieces of natural stone is the same so you will be pleased to know that no one will have the same kitchen worktop as you.


Natural stone always has such an air of beauty around it and this is so difficult to achieve with other materials that have been man made. When it comes to natural stone, there are lots to choose from to suit your style and it will always be a talking point about your home and will add elegance to your kitchen.


Natural stones simply do not age and are completely timeless. This means that your design will last a lifetime. If you ever choose to update your kitchen in terms of paintwork, accessories or colour theme then you never have to worry about changing your worktop as well. Your kitchen worktop will fit in nicely with your existing designs.


Most natural stones are well known for its strength and durability, which are amazing qualities that are beneficial for a kitchen worktop. Kitchens are a high traffic area which means that your worktop will need to withstand the demands that come with a high traffic room.

Add Value

Natural stone may come with a high price tag but it will also add value to your home if you ever think about selling it on. Luxury stones such as Granite or Marble will instantly raise the price of your home as soon as the worktop has been installed because of the quality of the stone.

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5 Advantages of Classic Quartz Kitchen Worktops

Advantages of Classic Quartz Kitchen Worktops

So, you have your mind set of refurbishing your home and making a few changes, and having a brand new kitchen worktop installed is on your list. Classic Quartz Stone is one of the best materials to use for kitchen worktops and it has a lengthy list of advantages to help you decide whether or not it is right for you, your style and your home and way of living.
Below we have provided you with all of the information you need to make an informed choice as to whether you would love to have a Quartz kitchen worktop for your home.

Low Maintenance

A lot of other types of natural stone (such as Marble) require a lot of work and upkeep to keep it looking as good as it does the day you have it fitted. Classic Quartz is ideal because it will never require any sealing or treatments to be done, which will save you from the hassle and help your wallet along the way as well. Classic Quartz Stone is so much easier to maintain and easy than a lot of other materials as it has been man made to be exactly that.
Classic Quartz is also a non-porous material which means that it is also much easier to keep clean with your daily and regular cleaning routine. When you are cleaning your Classic Quartz kitchen worktop, you are able to get a much better and deeper clean if you make your own cleaning products out of cheap ingredients. Classic Quartz can be sensitive to some chemicals so this is not only wise but can be much cheaper too! But as long as you are careful then you will never have a problem and your new flooring will always be in excellent condition.

Wave Goodbye to Stains

As we have just mentioned above, Classic Quartz will never require any additional treatments after you have purchased it. This includes regular sealing. One of the reasons why it will never require this is because it is a non-porous material. With it being non-porous, Classic Quartz will never hold onto any liquids that have been accidentally spilled on the surface, allowing it to be cleaned up far easier. As Classic Quartz does not hold onto any liquids that have been spilled it will never stain, as it just does not go deep enough into the grain. So you never have to worry about any stains ruining the look of your lovely new worktops for years to come.

Budget Friendly Material

For those who are on a much lower budget, Classic Quartz is the ideal material for you and your pockets. Your home renovations will be much cheaper with Classic Quartz as it is not only cheaper in the long term but it is also cheaper for the initial purchase too. There are no hidden costs or long term costs at all when it comes to Classic Quartz and what you see (or pay) is all of it. What you pay is a one off fee for the purchase and installation.
Even if Classic Quartz Stone was a bit more expensive, it would still be worth the investment due to having no long term costs or worries to think of in the future. By purchasing Classic Quartz Stone you are able to rest your mind knowing that you are getting a quality material for a low cost.

Have a Uniformed Appearance

Classic Quartz has a brilliantly uniformed look to its style which is perfect for those who do not like the slabs being different from each other. Every slab will be the same unlike other types of materials such as Marble. With Marble, for example, you can never be sure or anticipate the look you will be getting as it has not been man made. How the stone has naturally been made is the look you will get overall. Classic Quartz has been engineered to have a completely consistent look in both colour and pattern, so you will always know and can rely on what you will be getting.
Occasionally, customers can be very put off by a stone that is unpredictable and that does not have a uniformed look because they like their worktops in the kitchen to have a continuous flow. So, if you like to be able to predict the overall pattern of your kitchen worktop then Classic Quartz is the material for you as it offers just that.


Lastly, when it comes to purchasing a brand new kitchen worktop one of your priorities should be whether or not it can withstand the high traffic that a kitchen has to deal with. If it is not hard wearing or durable, then you just do not want it – unless you want to be full of dread every time someone uses it to prepare hot food.
Classic Quartz is incredibly hard wearing and it should last you a life time as long as you take proper care and maintain it correctly. Additionally, Classic Quartz is also hard to scratch which makes it perfect for people with families, especially very young children, who are likely to be chucking hard plastic toys around or being clumsy.
With Classic Quartz Stone you will never have to worry about anyone making a mark that cannot be cleaned away, so you know that you are making a good investment when you decide to select it for your kitchen worktop.

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White Granite Worktops Pros & Cons

White Granite Worktops

More often than not, when we hear that someone is considering to have white décor or furniture within their home it fills us with a bit of dread. Most of us love the colour white as if offers such a beautiful look to any home, however many of us consider it as a danger colour to go for and would never dare choose it for fear of the upkeep. However, a white Granite worktop can add a touch of elegance of your home.
Is having white Granite really that big of a deal? Read on to find out as that is exactly what we are going to find out.

Pros of White Granite

First of all, white Granite is incredibly stylish and on trend. As it is a very popular decision, despite what we said above about many thinking of it as a danger colour, so you will be getting a very timeless piece to add to your home that will never come out of style. If you are one who loves keeping up with the best fashion trends then having a white Granite kitchen worktop would be perfect for you and your home.
White is also perfect when it comes to matching with any other colour or shade out there. So if you are someone who likes to change their décor or colour themes often, then a white kitchen worktop would be a great choice for you. Regardless of the colour theme that you currently have, you know that a white Granite worktop would go perfectly. Whether you have a light or darker shade, white will pair up stunningly well.

White is also great if you have a smaller kitchen, as white has the power to reflect light and bounce it around the room to give it the appearance of it being much bigger than it actually is. So if you have a tiny kitchen and want an easy way to make the space look bigger, having a white Granite worktop would be a great decision to make.
You can also be sure that if you decide to go for a white kitchen worktop that your kitchen will automatically offer a very fresh and clean appearance, far more than usual. We are not sure why, but white will always offer such a fresh and clean feeling with it and for that reason, white décor and furniture will always be stylish.
Our opening statement was that many people view white as a dangerous colour, however it is not really. Most people think this of white because they think it will show up a large amount of dirt and therefore require much more cleaning than any other colour or shade out there. However, what people forget is that black offers the exact same. Black and white may be complete opposites, but they require the same amount of cleaning as each other and yet black still remains an extremely popular colour. If you have ever had black décor within your home then you will know that it was not as bad as people may make it out to be, therefore you already know what to expect with a white worktop.

Cons of White Granite

Kitchens are usually one of the most used areas of the house and therefore have to cope with a lot of high traffic. As we mentioned before, white can often be harder to keep clean than most other colours out there.
As we mentioned before white has the power to make your kitchen look much bigger than what it actually is. While this can be such a great thing, it can also be a negative point. If you have a large kitchen then a white Granite kitchen worktop will then make your kitchen look too big, which is not what you necessarily want. If your kitchen is particularly big, then you may need to consider breaking up the white with some textures or other darker colours and shades to make sure that your kitchen has not been made to look too big. If you still want to go for a light and bright colour, you may perhaps want to consider an off white shade instead that offers the same benefits as white.

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What Are the Best Stone Kitchen Worktops?

Stone Kitchen Worktops

You are most probably here because you are considering which type of stone you should be using within your kitchen renovations. Quartz Stone, Granite and Marble are three of the most popular materials you could use within your home, let alone just for your kitchen worktops. All three offer different benefits and all have their selling points, however the decision you make will depend on which colours and shades you prefer as well as how the material will fit in with your lifestyle and use of kitchen worktops.
To help you along your way to deciding which stone is best for you and your lifestyle, we have provided a list of benefits from all three of the above mentioned stones. Don’t know whether to go for the practicality of Quartz, elegance of Marble or the stunning Granite? Then read on to find out what they all have to offer you.


When it comes to choosing Marble, you will be getting one amazingly distinctive stone for your kitchen worktops. This stone is absolutely perfect for anyone who loves the uniqueness of Marble because with every slab you never know what you will be getting as it offers a very un-uniformed appearance which adds great character to any home.
Marble offers a natural touch to your cooking preparations and is great for anyone who likes to bake because its natural warmth makes bread making and rolling dough far easier than any other stone. Due to its elegant appearance, it makes one great place for cooking and dining with friends and family.


Quartz Stone is a wonderful material for absolutely any home, as it has been man made you can get a look of most other natural stones such as Marble effecting. As it has been engineered it has a very consistent appearance which offers a very uniformed colour and pattern with every single slab that you just cannot get from other types of natural stone.
If you are an environmentally friendly type who enjoys sourcing materials that are sustainable, then Quartz is definitely the choice for you as it incorporates recycled materials and only contains a very small amount of resin as 93% of the slab is Natural Quartz.
As Quartz is a non-porous stone, it will never stain which further makes it perfect for kitchen worktops. Regardless of what you spill it will never hold onto any liquids which also makes it extremely hygienic as it will never harbour any spills. It is also a very strong stone and incredibly difficult to scratch, great for kitchens due to the use of sharp objects and items being placed down on top of the surface.
Quartz Stone is also great for anyone who is on a budget because as it is the most common mineral in the Earth’s crust, it is very cheap to purchase and will not require any long term costs due to never requiring any treatments such as sealing.


Granite is quite simply one of the most popular materials to use within home renovations, which means that you will be purchasing a stone that offers timeless beauty. Why is Granite perfect for kitchen worktops? Because it is one of the hardest materials on Earth which makes it great for high traffic areas, especially if you have children. Granite will never scratch under normal use as long as you take care and maintain it well and it is incredibly easy to keep clean and hygienic for food preparation areas.
One of the most searched terms when people are looking to buy a property is whether the house contains any Granite, which means that it will only add value onto the property if you ever sell it on, making it more of an investment piece.

We have such an extensive range of finishes available and over 30 Granite colours available within our store, so you can feel confident knowing that you have such a wide choice to choose from so you can be sure that you will love it for many years to come. There is no point in choosing a colour or pattern that you are not crazy about with Granite, whatever colour or pattern you want, we will have it.


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Quartz Kitchen Worktops UK – Price & Installation

Quartz Kitchen Worktops

Quartz Stone has been entirely engineered and designed to be made out of 93% Natural Quartz and 7% Resins and colourings and therefore remains to be one of the best materials out there on the market to be used within kitchen remodels and in particular, kitchen worktops. Quartz has been completely manufactured so you are guaranteed to be receiving only the best in quality, appearance and finishing whenever you place an order with us.
At Surfaceco, we are able to offer you a completely customised experience through our flexibility with stocking over 250 colours in Quartz Stone, perfect for both residential and commercial properties.

Why You Should Choose Quartz

Quartz Stone is such an incredible material for being scratch and heat resistant, making it perfect for kitchen and bathroom remodels. As it is difficult to scratch, it makes it such a popular stone because objects such as sharp knives are unlikely to damage your surface. Additionally, by being heat resistant you will never have to worry about extensively damaging your kitchen worktop. However, it is still recommended by us that you continue to use protective measures such as heat pats to prevent and minimize this risk wherever possible.

Why Surfaceco?

Our Quartz Stone worktops in UK are one of the best services around. Here a Surfaceco, we will strive to provide you with the best service possible with our experienced and expert team. You will only ever receive the best standard of customer service and high quality Quartz Stone worktops. Whether you require Quartz worktops for residential or commercial properties, we are able to transform your kitchen area using your ideas and imagination. With the help of our experienced engineers, your vision will come alive.
One of our promises and commitments to our customers is that we will never subcontract any of our work out, so you can be sure that only our experienced engineers will be working on your kitchen worktop to produce the best results. You will never be disappointed with the results because we are able to keep a close eye on the entire production. Our team are fully certified to template kitchen worktops which they will later on cut and polish them in our own workshops and eventually will be the ones who will install your brand new worktop. This is a promise we are passionate about as it ensures the perfect result on every single job we carry out.

Fabrication Process

Our quality fabrication process is extremely fast and reliable. Your Quartz Stone kitchen worktops will be completed in-house by our own experienced employees which will make sure that our quick turnaround time is continually met and therefore makes us far more efficient than competitors who use subcontractors.


Our team of experienced engineers who come to install your worktops will be the same ones who created the templates and cut them. Our team have many years of experience under their belt and are competent at installing your worktops at the highest possible standard. Our engineers will make sure that all of your kitchen appliances that are around the kitchen worktop areas will not be damaged during this process or affected in any way.
When our team of engineers arrive at your door ready to fit your Quartz Stone worktop, your fitting may include a trial fitting to make sure that it goes as smoothly as possible, a demo that is completed by the project manager as well as assembly without any gluing.

Get a Quote Today!

If you are interested in getting touch about any of our services, then please don’t hesitate in discussing any of your questions with our customer care team who are available when you are! Our staff will be able to advise you the best way possible to ensure that you receive the best results.

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